Provox Life Adhesives

The clover-shaped adhesives are designed from high-performance materials to suit different skin types and stoma contours, providing you with a personalised solution.

Provox Life adhesives incorporate a soft, low profile coupling featuring the patented SecureFit technology. SecureFit gives an audible click to confirm that your HME is securely in place while the reinforced coupling provides a secure fit between your HME and the adhesive, while also being easy to remove.

Provox Life Standard Adhesive

Standard is an everyday adhesive that provides a strong seal around your stoma. A soft, flexible and low-profile adhesive that forms a strong seal and provides a secure fit.


Provox Life Sensitive Adhesive

Sensitive is a gentle everyday adhesive for sensitive skin. A comfortable, gentle and low-profile adhesive that forms a good seal and provides a secure fit.


Provox Life Stability Adhesive

Stability is a firm everyday adhesive that provides solidity, especially if your stoma is deep. It is an ideal adhesive for those who speak frequently or speak hands-free.


Provox Life Night Adhesive

Night adhesive allows your skin to recover while you sleep. A skin-friendly hydrogel adhesive that soothes and cools the skin.


Provox Life LaryTube

Provox Life LaryTube can be used to attach Provox Life HMEs and accessories. For patient with a shrinking tracheostoma it also can be used to maintain the opening of the tracheostoma.

Available in Standard, Fenestrated (to be secured with Provox LaryClips or Provox TubeHolder), and with Ring and Fenestrated with Ring (to be secured with Provox adhesive)