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If you or someone you know has had or is having a laryngectomy, we have some support and information available. Find out what to expect, get practical advice on taking care of your stoma, hear from experts and read about life after laryngectomy.

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Atos Medical host ‘MyVoice’ Events these are educational events developed for people living with a laryngectomy.

The events are a great networking opportunity where you can meet others with a total laryngectomy in your area.

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Our current event topic is about helping you breathe better and minimise coughing and mucus.

You will get some practical tips to help maintain your lung health and breathe better.

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We have approached users from about the world to share their experiences.


What is a laryngectomy

Read about the basics of a total laryngectomy.


Living with a total laryngectomy

We have information to help you live well.


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Leo’s voice

Leo is 49 and lives in The Netherlands. He had his total laryngectomy in 2011. Today Leo uses Provox Luna for the night and Provox FreeHands during the day.

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