Clinical Support and Education

The Atos Clinical Education team can support and collaborate on clinical training requirements on laryngectomy and tracheostomy with evidence-based practice, from beginner to advanced level. Our clinical educators offer a range of training including 1-1 clinical support, webinars, engage and learn sessions or bespoke in-house training.

Our clinical training sessions are flexible and can be tailored around you or your colleagues’ ability, understanding and schedule. You can choose where and how you would like to receive your training either in hospital, an external venue or online, making it convenient for you.

Our experienced team of speech and language therapists and respiratory physiotherapists have come from a diverse range of clinical sectors. Our educators are regulated by professional bodies and keep up to date with the latest practices, research, and clinical evidence.

Engage and Learn

Our Engage and Learn training sessions cover a range of subjects including laryngectomy, tracheostomy, and paediatric tracheostomy care, which can be customised to support your learning needs.

These sessions can be scheduled to suit your busy working day and are all offered virtually or face to face, so you can participate from your office or home. Any number of these subjects can be requested and can be spread out or condensed over time to suit your service needs.

What to expect from an Engage and Learn:

• Short 1-to-2-hour sessions
• Small or large groups, just let us know your requirements
• There may be hands-on learning with products, but we’ll organise this with you before the session
• And finally, bring your coffee and questions


There are a wide variety of online clinical webinars, workshops, and global panel discussions available. These platforms provide an opportunity to collaborate with a diverse range of experts from across the globe who represent a range of specialist viewpoints and skill sets. You will have the chance to interact with the experts and network with clinicians that may not be from your local area.

Upcoming events will be communicated via email, and they are often recorded for those who are interested but unable to attend.

To find out more about previous and upcoming webinars, please visit our website:

What to expect from a webinar:

• 1 hour online learning webinars
• Available to all healthcare professionals

Study days

Atos Medical study days cover various aspects of clinical care, with the overall aim of improving patient outcomes through evidence-based education, practical discussions, scenario-based learning and question and answer sessions.

Our clinical educators facilitate discussions on practical
patient management from a multidisciplinary perspective, within both the acute and community settings. There is also the opportunity to network with wider multi-disciplinary teams to support with sharing clinical expertise and knowledge.

What to expect from a study day:

• Sessions can be offered online or in person
• Available as a full day or half-day of training
• There may be hands-on learning with products, but we’ll organise this with you before the session
• Available to healthcare professionals at beginner to advanced level

Clinical practical support

Our clinical educators work alongside clinicians to facilitate and provide practical support directly with patients in clinics and/or theatres, to build clinician confidence and provide a wider range of products that can benefit patients.

We can provide a realistic anatomical simulator that has a tracheostoma for practical training on how to perform various procedures using a variety of products, for continuing professional development and upskilling.

What to expect from clinical practical support:

• There may be practical demonstrations with a training simulator
• These can be organised with in-clinic troubleshooting to optimise patient care
• 1-1 clinical consultations
• In theatre surgical support for both primary and secondary punctures using PVPS

Clinicians can email our clinical support email any time for clinical support

Additional clinical support

Our Atos clinical educators work closely with a wide range of healthcare professionals and tracheostomy and laryngectomy patients. We can facilitate networking and provide connections and resources for peer-to-peer support, connecting clinicians across the UK as well as worldwide.

Atos Medical is also able to sponsor and support conferences, Clinical Excellence Networks (CENs) or study days that have a focus on tracheostomy or laryngectomy throughout the UK.

Tracheostomy Emergency Management

We are delighted to have partnered with the Wellington Hospital in the creation of a new instructional video on emergency tracheostomy management with COVID-19 updates and discussion on the most commonly occurring emergency scenarios and tracheostomy red flags.

This video is for educational purposes discussing emergency tracheostomy management following the NTSP Patent Airway Algorithm. Delivered by James Kelley, Respiratory Physiotherapist and Barry Ford, Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist from the Wellington Hospital and supported by Atos Medical UK.

Emergency Tracheostomy Management

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