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Since the introduction of the first Provox voice prosthesis more than thirty years ago, we have become the world leader in laryngectomy care whilst also being a notable presence in tracheostomy care. We manufacture and supply Provox, Provox Life and Tracoe products across the globe as part of our commitment to helping users live a better life.

Before supplying products to your patients, we ensure that we ask for your approval as their clinician. This is because we want to make sure that we’re working collaboratively to help people with a neck stoma live a better life.

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The Provox range includes high-quality Voice Prostheses that can aid patients in having the confidence to speak more naturally. They are well known for being robust, easy-to-maintain devices that are supported by a strong evidence base.

We also offer additional Provox accessories including HMEs and adhesives to help provide more rounded, personalised care.


Provox Life

The new Provox Life system was developed on the basis of thorough research and is designed to address the challenges that patients experience with HMEs and attachments. Developed with the individual in mind, the system offers a complete, flexible solution that allows patients to experience a personalised regime, no matter where they are on their recovery journey. All to encourage optimised 24/7 HME usage to build a positive circle and reduce excessive mucus and coughing.

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Within our Tracoe range of tracheostomy products, we have HMEs that also function as a speaking valve giving the patients improved pulmonary health as well as the ability to maintain communication in a single product.

We work to help patients with a tracheostomy to find the routine that helps them to maintain their pulmonary health for a better quality of life.


NHS Supply Chain

As part of ensuring your patients have access to the products they need, Atos Medical has liaised with the NHS Supply Chain to provide a variety of laryngectomy and tracheostomy products available through the online catalogue.

Our service is designed to provide an efficient approach to hospital and clinic provisions. We work in partnership with you by providing support to help manage and implement the specialised services available such as our product portfolio and its suitability for your patients.

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