Provox Life Protect HME

Heats and humidifies the air you breathe with an effective filter 

An effective bacteria, viruses, dust and pollen filter.

Provox Life Protect HME is designed for use when you are away from home and need extra protection, such as travelling on buses or trains; or when shopping or spending time outdoors. Provox Life Protect HME has a comfortable breathing resistance that warms and humidifies the air you breathe. It also effectively filters bacteria, viruses, dust, and pollen. Since you breathe through your neck stoma, it is important to protect your airway upon inhalation, as well as protect the people around you during exhalation.

Key Features

  • A highly effective bacterial and viral filter (≥98%)
  • Protects you and others from airborne particles by effective filtration upon inspiration and expiration
  • Reduces mucus production and coughing
Provox Life  Provox Life
Meet Peter and hear about his experience with Provox Life Protect HME

Peter thinks the Provox Life products are better than the previous range. He has less problems with mucus and coughing. The adhesives fit better and it is easier to breathe. He always uses the Go HME during the day and the Home HME in the evening when he takes it easy. He uses Energy HME when active because it is easier to breathe through. He wears Protect HME when around people and need extra protection.

Meet Peter and hear about his experience with Provox Life Protect HME

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