TheraBite Jaw Rehabilitation System

For restoring jaw mobility after trismus and mandibular hypomobility

Restoring jaw mobility

The TheraBite Jaw Rehabilitation System is an anatomically correct and easily portable system. Clinically proven to restore mobility after trismus and mandibular hypomobility. The controllable system uses repetitive motion to stretch connective tissue. It also strengthens weakened muscles and mobilises joints. The average sustainable gain in jaw opening is around 1–1.5 mm per week.

The system helps to reduce muscle pain by reducing joint inflammation and preventing reduced muscle strength during (chemo)radiation.

Anatomically correct A unique feature of the TheraBite system is its ability to follow the naturally curved motion of the jaw. The curved track of the TheraBite Jaw Mobilizer guides the mandible along an anatomically correct pathway.

Patient-controlled When using the TheraBite system, the patient is in control. Speed and opening range can be adjusted directly by the patient, using manual force, or the Fine Adjustment Knob. This feature helps to reduce anxiety levels and improve compliance.

Available in both adult and pediatric versions.

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