Provox® Vega™

A voice prosthesis designed for good voice quality, low speaking effort, easy device maintenance and comfort

A voice prosthesis designed for good voice quality.

Clinical studies show that the Provox Vega has superior device life and that it provides the best voice quality, requires the lowest speaking effort and is easy to clean.

We have improved the Provox Vega Insertion System by redesigning the tip of the loading tube. The Provox Vega voice prosthesis comes with an Insertion System that gives control and flexibility.

The new tip is gentle to the puncture tissue when inserting Provox Vega. The redesigned tip makes it easier to introduce the loading tube into the puncture. The upgraded tip makes it easy to correctly place Provox Vega in the puncture.

97% of clinicians preferred the improved Insertion System*

* Data on file. 33 clinicians, an average of 5 replacements per clinician.

Key Features
  • Less strained and easier to understand
  • Having a better voice quality
  • Improved Insertion System - Redesigned tip
Supporting Material
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