Provox NiD

A patient changeable non-indwelling voice prosthesis

Provox NiD a patient changeable non-indwelling voice prosthesis.  

Provox NiD has a high pull-out force with a safety medallion, and safe in-situ cleaning*

Safe to use: high pull-out force, safety medallion, and safe in-situ cleaning* Patients may insert, remove and clean the device themselves Lower airflow Resistance and less effortful speech*

*Compared to other non-indwelling voice prostheses

Speaking with a voice prosthesis

during your laryngectomy, or shortly after. It’s placed between your food pipe (‘oesophagus’) and windpipe (‘trachea’). A Provox Voice Prosthesis can help you speak with confidence, it is durable, easy to speak with, easy to maintain and provides the best possible voice quality. A voice prosthesis you can trust and rely on. his valve opens while you speak, and it closes when you eat or breathe to prevent anything from entering your windpipe that shouldn’t – like saliva, food or drink.

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Introducing Provox

Provox is a range of high-quality products is aimed at improving the lives of people with a laryngectomy and comprises of three main groups: voice prostheses for speaking, Heat and Moisture Exchangers (HMEs) for breathing and adhesives for stoma protection. We also offer additional Provox accessories to help provide more rounded, personalised care.


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