laryngectomy emergency card
Emergency card

Our specially designed laryngectomy emergency card gives both you and your loved ones extra peace of mind in the case of an unexpected accident.

What is an emergency card?

Stop for a moment and consider what would happen if you suddenly had problems breathing while walking down the street – what would a passerby do? They wouldn’t necessarily know how to help.

By carrying an emergency card in your wallet, you take the guess work out of the equation. You are equipped with the correct information and more likely to get the help you need before a trained medical professional arrives. It could be a life-saving decision.

How to get your own card

To get your free Atos Medical emergency card, fill out the contact form here. We will send the card it to you as soon as possible.

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This card was designed for informational purposes only and not for the purposes of rendering medical advice or diagnosis. The information presented is not intended to replace the counsel of a physician or emergency professional.