adhesive baseplate
Adhesive Change Routine Tool

When it comes to the daytime and night time routine of changing your adhesive baseplate, you may not think twice about how you do it – or at least you may not have, until now.

Caring for your skin

It’s easy for the skin around your neck to become irritated if you are not careful when you change your adhesive. You may also struggle from time to time to get a good strong seal.

That’s why we have developed the Change Routine Tool it will take you through how to REMOVE – CLEAN – PREPARE – APPLY your adhesive on a daily basis.

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Products to help you care for your skin

The Provox® Luna™ is specially designed to soothe your skin and help you stay comfortable during sleep. Provox® Luna™ improves your lung health and ensures you get the best possible rest.

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The Provox® Cleaning Towel is for cleaning around your stoma before applying your daytime adhesive.

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The Provox® Skin Barrier comes in a special wipe that leaves a protective layer on your skin.

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The Provox® Adhesive Remover is a gentle wipe that makes it easier to take off your adhesive before applying another.

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