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Provox® Life™: A system developed specifically for users’ needs

Atos Medical initiated extensive research to obtain a deeper insight into the needs of people living with a laryngectomy. We identified three key areas for further innovation and development: Improving HME performance, situational usability, and HME attachments. This led to the development of Provox Life™, a new and innovative system designed to optimise pulmonary health, enable adherence to HME use and improve patients’ overall quality of life.


More than 400 patients from 10 countries were invited to take part in the Provox Life™ Experience program and so far, we have received valuable feedback that demonstrates the positive impact Provox Life™ is having on patients’ lives.


The interim analysis of the Provox Life™ Experience program shows that after transitioning to Provox Life™, patients’ pulmonary health is improving, they are coughing less and their compliance to HME use is increasing.


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Improving HME performance

There are three fundamental properties of an HME: breathability, humidification, and size. They are all interlinked and balance out against each other.

The objective for Provox Life™ HMEs was to improve the HME performance by optimising humidification without exceeding comfortable breathability. Atos Medical achieved this by slightly increasing the width of the HME, which had a substantial impact on performance.

An increase in opening diameter improves humidification and breathing performance.


When compared with their predecessors, Provox Life™ Home HME provides 9% higher humidification and 14% higher breathability compared to Provox XtraMoist* while Provox Life™ Go HME provides 6% higher humidification and 25% higher breathability compared to Provox XtraFlow.*

*According to device specifications

Situational usability

Provox Life™ HMEs are also specifically developed to provide a good balance between humidification, filtration, and breathability for different situations and occasions. All to facilitate adherence to HME use.

The Provox Life™ system includes regular HMEs for daytime use but also includes HMEs for physical activity, protection from airborne particles, hands-free speaking, and an HME dedicated for use when sleeping.

To improve user-friendliness and simplify HME selection, the HMEs were named based on the situation they were designed for and provided with an icon symbolising their specific function or usage.

Adhesive and attachments

Provox Life™ also includes new attachments developed to provide security and to accommodate individual needs with regards to skin type and stoma contours.

Provox Life™ adhesives balance adhesion and skin-friendliness for different purposes. All Provox Life™ adhesives come in a clover shape, which is introduced for a better fit and to contribute to an airtight adhesion.

Another important innovation to Provox Life™ attachments is the new SecureFit™ interface. SecureFit™ provides a reinforced coupling between the HMEs and adhesives to help reduce HME cough-outs. Moreover, SecureFit™ is produced in a soft and flexible material to provide a strong seal around the stoma. The new Provox Life™ LaryTubes and the Provox Life™ LaryButton are compatible with the SecureFit™ connection, allowing for the interchangeability of HMEs.