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Clinical Support and Education

At Atos Medical, we have a range of resources to help you with your continuing professional development including our expert Clinical Education Team who are on hand to support you with helpful Lunch and Learns as well as our informative global webinars.

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Opportunities for clinical education

Our Clinical Education Team can offer 1-1 clinical consultations to aid you in understanding our Provox, Provox Life and Freevent product ranges which can be conducted via phone, video call or email depending on your needs. These are flexible and designed to fit around your day so you can get the support you need when you need it.

Moreover, we have friendly and informal Lunch and Learns which are online training sessions on either laryngectomy or tracheostomy care which can be personalised to support your learning. These are all offered virtually and can be scheduled to suit your busy working day. Plus, you will always receive a CPD certificate for participating.

Tracheostomy Lunch and Learn topics include:

  • An introduction to Tracheostomy and Tracheostomy care
  • Tracheostomy and HMEs: Transitioning from hospital to home Using HMEs and HMEFs for the Tracheostomised patient
  • An introduction to Speech Rehabilitation for the tracheostomised patient
  • An introduction to Swallow Rehabilitation for the tracheostomised patient
  • Secretion management and cough augmentation with the tracheostomised patient
  • The mechanics of breathing and the tracheostomised patient
  • Tracheostomy weaning- Early cuff deflation in the ventilated patient
  • Tracheostomy weaning- Troubleshooting the complex weaning

Laryngectomy Lunch and Learn topics include:

  • VP troubleshooting – managing peripheral and central leakage
  • VP selection – how diameter influences voice
  • Provox Vega Insertion masterclass
  • Using HMEs and HMEFs for the tracheostomised patients
  • Immediate post-operative pulmonary rehabilitation using baseplates and HMEs
  • Provox Life – what is the evidence?
  • Swallowing function after a total laryngectomy – managing complications
  • Trutone Emote training – clinical tips and tricks
  • PVPS masterclass – the practical application
  • Masterclass on VP selection and insertion of Xtraseal, Activalve and NiD
  • Freehands implementation
  • Therabite product training

Please don’t hesitate to contact our Clinical Education team. We are always happy to help answer any questions or provide support and training.
Call us: 0115 784 1899
Email us:

Clinical webinars and events

We have a wide variety of clinical events including global panel discussions and online webinars covering topics such as airway management in laryngectomy and tracheostomy patients, early handsfree speech after a total laryngectomy and voice prosthesis management during Covid-19.

These webinars often include a diverse panel of clinical expertise from across the globe to ensure different views are discussed.

To view our past clinical webinars, please click here

Tracheostomy Emergency Management

We are delighted to have partnered the Wellington Hospital in the creation of a new instructional video on emergency tracheostomy management with COVID-19 updates and discussion on the most commonly occurring emergency scenarios and tracheostomy red flags.

This video is for educational purposes discussing emergency tracheostomy management following the NTSP Patent Airway Algorithm. Delivered by James Kelley, Respiratory Physiotherapist and Barry Ford, Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist from the Wellington Hospital and supported by Atos Medical UK.