Provox® ActiValve®

The voice prosthesis with extended device lifetime.

The Provox ActiValve is designed for users who experience short device life (less than 4 – 8 weeks) caused by early leakage through the prosthesis or negative pressure in the pharynx/esophagus during swallowing or inhalation. The valve and valve-seat of the Provox ActiValve consist of flouroplastic which appears to be insusceptible to destruction by candida. They  are closed with magnets which prevents inadvertent valve opening when the user breathes or swallows.

  • Increased device life – reduces the need of frequent replacements in most patients who experience short device life
  • Available in three strengths – Light, Strong and XtraStrong

To find out if this product is suitable for you, please contact your healthcare professional.


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