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Wearing an Adhesive

Selecting the best fitting adhesive can help you maximise your comfort when wearing an HME. There are different types of Provox baseplates depending on your skin, stoma shape and depth to allow you to pick the most suitable for your skin type.

What is an Adhesive?


An adhesive is the most common and comfortable way to attach an HME in front of your stoma. Simply apply the adhesive around the stoma, following the instructions carefully, and attach an HME to it.

There are different types of adhesive depending on what you’re doing and how sensitive your skin is. Just like an HME, you will find that adhesives can take some time to get used to.

Starting to use an Adhesive


As you’re learning how to use adhesives, you might need to replace them a little more often at the start. For example, if you are producing more mucus, this can make it difficult to keep the adhesive stuck in place. You should aim to have the same adhesive attached for a whole day – morning to night. It’s important that the adhesive fits the stoma. So first, determine the best fit by positioning the adhesive while the liner is still on

It’s important to keep your stoma and adhesive free of mucus. If you get mucus stuck between your adhesive and skin, it can stop the adhesive from sticking well.

If you need to cough, carefully remove the HME, cough into a tissue, and then clean your stoma and adhesive. Pay attention to the lower part of your stoma: if there’s mucus between your skin and your adhesive, it will cause leakage

Different Adhesives for different situations

Your goal should be to have the same adhesive stuck on for a whole day – morning to evening. It’s important that the adhesive fits the stoma. There are different types of adhesives specially designed to work better in different situations.

Using an Adhesive during the Day

Whether you’re planning on taking it easy during the day or doing something more active like taking a walk, there is a selection of Provox Life Adhesives to suit your individual needs; Provox Life Standard, Provox Life Sensitive, Provox Life Stability.

Using an Adhesive during the Night

A good night’s sleep will help you have a better day. So, before you go to bed, we recommend switching to Provox Life Night Adhesive. It allows your skin to recover while you sleep.