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Taking care of your stoma

Your neck tissue is very delicate and can be damaged when you constantly change your adhesives. This is why you should make sure to do it as carefully as possible. It’s very important to get into good habits when it comes to looking after the skin around your stoma. If you do, you’ll be less likely to get irritated or damaged skin – and the adhesives will stick longer.

Caring for your skin


Before you leave the hospital, your healthcare professionals will show you how to keep your stoma clean. It is recommended to clean your stoma a few times per day, and it needs to be kept free of mucus build-up, which can affect your breathing. Please ask your clinician for specific instructions on how to do this. Do not clean the area with anything that is small enough to fall in your stoma.

It is important to keep your stoma clean and free of mucus. The skin around and inside your stoma is very delicate, so it is important to be gentle and careful when doing your stoma care.

How to clean your stoma


1. Gently dab around your stoma with a damp gauze square, foam swab or cleaning towel, and gently wipe away any mucus from the skin. Do not pick, scrape or scrub at the skin. If the mucus is dried on, dampen it a little until soft and easy to remove.

2. Pat dry the area around the stoma with a dry gauze square or foam swab or allow it to air dry.

3. Use a good light or torch to check that the inside of your stoma is clear. If your stoma has a build-up of mucus, you may need to cough it out into a tissue, held over your stoma.

Products to support skin care


The Provox Cleaning Towel is designed to help you clean around your stoma before applying the adhesive.

Provox Skin Barrier is a special wipe that leaves a protective layer on your skin. Use it after cleaning your skin, but before attaching your daytime adhesive. Do not use the Skin Barrier with Provox Life Night Adhesive.

Provox Adhesive Remover is a wipe that will help make it easier to take off your daytime adhesive. It’s important to remove the adhesive slowly and carefully, to avoid damaging your skin. The remover wipes help to do this. Gently remove Night Adhesive by using a wet cloth.

Discover tips for cleaning you stoma