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Atos MyLife App

Undergoing a total laryngectomy can be an emotionally turbulent period of time for patients and relatives, often times leading to a broad range of questions, difficult to find relevant answers to. The MyLife app is the answer to this challenge.

Breathing, speaking and living with a total laryngectomy

With the MyLife app we offer easy-accessible information when needed. It is a unique and free tool that has been specially designed for people who have had a laryngectomy or about to go through surgery. Its content includes educational videos, information on products, a cough tracker, and inspiration on how to live a fuller life after a laryngectomy. If further information is needed, Atos Medical is always only a click away.

MyLife contains videos and articles with tips and tricks to inspire, inform and help educate both you, family and friends. Atos MyLife is an app designed in close collaboration with patients and clinicians to provide inspiration and information and on how to overcome challenges and live a fuller life after a laryngectomy.

Download MyLife

It is our hope that the app will be a useful tool. MyLife is not meant to substitute individual advice or guidance from a qualified healthcare professional but as help and inspiration to achieve a better quality of life.

Now available to download on iOS and Android devices.

Click to download for iOS.                 Click to download for Android.


Information gathered in one place

We know that you and your caregivers are interested in information about how to live with laryngectomy. Today, much of this information is spread out in many different places, and it can be a challenge to find it. With MyLife it is our ambition to gather as much relevant information as possible in an easy accessible way. The content is specially developed for the app in collaboration with healthcare professionals and we will continuously update information and add new content.

The app is divided into three main sections making it easy for app users to find what they are looking for.

My Learning
Articles and original videos by those who have a laryngectomy and clinicians sharing advice and unique stories. Topics include breathing, speaking, care and daily life.

My Goals
A tool to help you improve using an HME to help reduce coughing. The tool offers useful tips and daily tracking of a your progress.

A presentation of the Provox® products with direction to seek further help from your healthcare professional.

Learn more about MyLife

Find out more about how to download and use the Atos MyLife app in this helpful video.