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Past MyLife Events

We know you might have missed a MyLife Event or two so to make sure that you don’t miss out on any of our helpful webinars, practical workshops and interactive experiences designed to help you live a better life after your laryngectomy, we have uploaded them here for you to watch in your own time.

MyLife Webinar: How to be more active after a laryngectomy

Being ’active’ means different thing to different people. It might mean going for a walk. If you are a keen gardener, it might mean spending time outdoors working in the fresh air. What does it mean to you?

Hosted by our expert Head and Neck Nurse, Francheska Sarkodie, we discussed the benefits of an active lifestyle and regular exercise for mental and physical wellness and how to begin a journey towards this with tips and advice from other Laryngectomy patients.

MyLife Patient Panel: Living well with a Laryngectomy

For April, we held a virtual MyLife Patient Panel focused on people with a laryngectomy sharing their experiences of living well after their surgery!

There were some very special guest panellists who discussed how living well after a laryngectomy is about thriving in your life again, and the small adjustments they made to be able to do this. They shared their experiences in regards to topics like socialising, eating and drinking, returning to work, exercising and general tips for living well.

Guest Speakers:
Tanja Bage
Alan and Jennie Morgan
John Archbold

MyLife Experience: Feeling more confident in everyday life with Marc Valentine-Morton

The MyLife Experience is focused around helping you to transition to a new way of life after your surgery by helping you to feel more confident, whatever you do. It was hosted by a special guest Marc Valentine-Morton, psychologist, author, actor, Laryngectomee and patient advocate.

MyLife Webinar: A Masterclass in Skincare & Adhesives with Dr. Rustemeyer

In March, we learnt from an expert dermatologist, Dr Thomas Rustemeyer, as he spoke about how the skin works and how you can look after it for reduced irritation and redness. Jaime Cooper, Specialist Head and Neck Nurse discussed how to choose the right adhesive for your skin type and how to look after the skin around your stoma when using your adhesives for happier, healthier skin.

MyLife Webinar: How to reduce your mucus

In February, we discussed how to reduce your mucus production for improved quality of life at our online MyLife Webinar.  Hosted by specialist Atos Care Nurses, Kathrin Chappell and Andy Broughton, this webinar will focus on why you produce more mucus after surgery and how you can help to reduce it by using an HME. It will also talk about how using an HME 24/7 can help to keep your lungs healthy and reduce coughing.

MyLife Webinar: Provox Life Experience - The Patient Story

The January webinar was hosted by specialist Atos Care Nurse, Kathrin Chappell, and Atos Speech & Language Therapist, Fay Ramessur, with Martin O’Donnell who shared his personal experience with Provox Life. The webinar looked at the data behind how Provox Life is helping people with a laryngectomy to breathe better.

MyLife Webinar: Caring for your stoma

The November MyLife Webinar 2021 discussed how to achieve a good routine for healthier, happier lungs and skin. We provided you with some winter skincare tips and advice on how to manage your mucus. The webinar was hosted by our Specialist Atos Care Nurses, Sidrah Shah and Jessica Hurrell.

MyLife Experience: Sleep rituals and meditation class

The October MyLife Experience 2021 was a class on sleep meditation and bedtime rituals to help you sleep better, to support better days. Hosted by an expert, Eva, from the Sound Asleep Club, who was accompanied by Sam Rigby, Atos Clinical Educator and Respiratory Physiotherapist.

MyLife Webinar: Lung health - A better night for a better day

In the October MyLife Webinar 2021, our Expert Atos Care Nurses, Kathrin Chappell and Jaime Cooper, discussed the importance of using HMEs 24/7, including at night time, for better lung health every day. And they also talked about the importance of a good night’s sleep and shared some NEW data on how Provox Life has already helped people with a laryngectomy!

MyLife Webinar: Different ways to voice after a laryngectomy

The September 2021 MyLife Webinar was about the different ways to voice after a laryngectomy and was hosted by Alison Dempster, expert Atos Clinical Educator,  along with a special guest speaker: Malcolm Babb, the president of NALC.

MyLife Experience: Cooking Class

In the July MyLife Experience 2021, we had a live cooking demonstration with Kellie Anderson, cancer health educationist and nutrition adviser, who cooked and presented 3 summer recipes: a Pepper-Cheese Spread, Beet & Tomato Gazpacho and a savoury Tomato Bread Pudding which are specially designed for people with a laryngectomy or a tracheostomy.

All MyLife Events

For the full range of our past MyLife Events, please follow this link to visit our YouTube Channel where you will be able to see all of the past MyLife Webinars, Workshops and Experiences: