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“Can You Hear My Voice?” Documentary

Can You Hear My Voice? film centres around a one-of-a-kind choir that is comprised of laryngectomy singers who no longer have vocal cords. Produced and Directed by the award-winning and multiple Emmy nominee documentary filmmaker Bill Brummel, the film illustrates a quality of life that’s abundant and joyful.

The world premiere of the feature-length documentary film was held on Sunday 2nd February 2019 at the Odeon BFI IMAX in Waterloo, London.

It was our great pleasure to have hosted the films world premiere in the UK, where the documentary was filmed. We are honoured and proud to have backed the making of this inspirational film. The premiere was a great afternoon where we could acknowledge the Shout at Cancer charity and choir, the cast, volunteers and filmmaker Bill Brummel for this great accomplishment.

About “Can You Hear My Voice?” and California filmmaker Bill Brummel

Can You Hear My Voice Choir

Bill had a laryngectomy in 2016, and after recovering from the surgery and overcoming his own challenges, he set out to create a film about coping with the obstacles of living after a laryngectomy. He went in search of a perfect story to illustrate a quality of life that’s abundant and joyful.

Bill Brummel

The film centres around a one-of-a-kind choir called Shout at Cancer, which is comprised of singers who no longer have vocal cords, as they prepare for the most ambitious concert they’ve ever performed.

”Through the film, I want to encourage people who are struggling through dark periods of recovery of any kind to hold on,” says Bill Brummel. “The theme is universal. It’s a story of survival and empowerment with a message that will resonate with people combatting other diseases, disabilities, or personal struggles, which — when you think of it — is all of us.”

It is a film about the arduous transition from life with a voice box, to one without and is told through the personal stories of members in Shout at Cancer’s distinctive choir.

“We at Atos Medical are tremendously excited about the release of this much-anticipated film. We are dedicated to making life easier and better for people living with a neck stoma and this film is a great example of how life can be enjoyed and lived to its fullest after a laryngectomy,” says Britt Meelby Jensen, Chief Executive Officer, Atos Medical.


Photography by Dimitri Djuric

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