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Every month Atos Medical host local laryngectomy MyVoice community events all over the world. We call them ‘MyVoice’ events because they’re all about you and your needs. At the same time, it’s a great opportunity to get to know other people living with a total laryngectomy in your area. To find an event near you, click here.

Atos Medical supports people right after surgery, and offers continued support by hosting numerous MyVoice Laryngectomy Community Events that help bring users together.

At these events, peer-to-peer experiences are shared and exchanged. It’s nice to know that other people share the same concerns and aspirations as you or are going through similar challenges. Throughout the year we organise events to help bring the laryngectomy community together.

These events are typically for small groups, so you can meet with your local Atos Medical representative and get to know others in a more relaxed setting. The agenda is largely driven by the topics you want covered.

To find an community event near you, click here

Losing your voice after a total laryngectomy is a life changing experience, so the aim of the event is to make you feel more confident when expressing yourself amongst other people. ‘My Voice’ Community Events are educational events developed for people living with a laryngectomy.

During the year, we host several events where you can meet your local product specialist, ask questions specific to your needs, and get to know other people living with a laryngectomy in your area. This year’s events have been shaped and inspired by our conversations with thousands of users all over the world.

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Inspiration from other users


Tore and Rigmor

  Two of the couples attending an MyVoice Community Laryngectomy Event in US in August 2017, discovered that they had lived in the same small town for most of their lives – just eight miles apart. One of them had undergone a total laryngectomy six years ago, while the other was only a year post-surgery. As well as convincing the “rookie” to wear his Heat and Moisture Exchanger 24/7, the “veteran” offered lots of great advice when it came to travel. By the end of the event both couples had become firm friends, the wives exchanged telephone numbers and the four of them are now planning to go on a cruise together! To find an community event near you, click here