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With many Atos Medical events happening across so many locations, we have a planned theme so you can know what to expect over the next month. If you are particularly interested in a topic, do not hesitate to contact us and we can provide specific event information about where and when to get involved.


Our next event theme is Travelling near and far.

Travelling near or far

Winter is over and spring is just around the corner. Soon, it will be warmer – and a lot greener – outside. So maybe it’s time to start planning for spring and summer activities? On this page we focus on planning for a trip – near or far.

Meet Nadine

Since Nadine Llopis, France, had her laryngectomy, she has been visiting a number of countries, including far off destinations, such as Namibia, Vietnam and Madagascar.

”Travelling has always been important to me. I was basically working just so I could travel. I feared that the laryngectomy would put an end to it; would I ever be able to go anywhere again? But little by little, I realized that of course you can travel. Today, I don’t think much about the obstacles, I think about where I want to go.”

Nadine’s travel tips

  • Start with a short trip to get used to being away from home

Don’t go alone. Go together with someone (spouse, family, friend).

  • Always bring an extra voice prosthesis

Consider having your voice prosthesis changed before going on a longer trip.

  • Bring products for a week (depending on the length of your trip)

I always have spare products in both my and my husband’s bag/suitcase in case a bag is lost or stolen.

  • Bring an Electrolarynx

It’s reassuring to know that I can communicate even if my voice prosthesis is leaking. Remember spare batteries.

  • Consider the environment you are in

Protect your airways in places with much dust or air pollution.

Download your own travel check list;

Check list for your travel kit
  • What to pack in your hand luggage when travelling
Interested in attending?

Whether you are taking a short trip out of town or you are planning a holiday abroad, we have gathered a number of useful tips that might help you plan for your next trip.

Join a local MyVoice event to find out how the things you can do to prepare for the journey and for unforeseen challenges.

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