living with a laryngectomy
Living with a laryngectomy

Atos Medical understand that going through a total laryngectomy means breathing through a stoma instead of the upper airways and living with a laryngectomy can mean some adjustments.

While living with a laryngectomy does spell changes, it is still possible to lead a fulfilling life. Listen to Roy, Tore and Walter’s stories here.

Meet Roy

“I had cancer and everybody could tell I was a sick man – but not now, not anymore. Because I can talk, and I can talk very well even while I’m cooking or driving a car.”

Provox® FreeHands FlexiVoice™ devices have given Roy the freedom to speak while doing what he loves.

Meet Tore

It all started with a small bump on the neck.  Both Tore and the doctors thought it was harmless but it turned out to be cancer.  A week after receiving the diagnosis, Tore had gone through a total laryngectomy.

Coming home after surgery, Tore was determined to speak again, and to go back to work. He achieved both and kept working for another 16 years before retiring.

Since day one, Tore has been open about the fact that he has had a total laryngectomy. In his opinion, this has made it a lot easier to meet new people and lead an active life.

When Tore reflects on the last 20 years since his surgery, he actually doesn’t think there’s been a dramatic change to his life. Besides having to stop sailing because of his stoma, he has been able to keep doing the things he loves most – playing golf, being with friends & family, and travelling. Often, he even forgets that he is laryngectomised.

Meet Walter

Walter is a practicing lawyer in Florence, Italy, and New York. After his total laryngectomy in 2002 he had problems with coughing and sleeping. But using an HME has made it possible for him to resume a normal life – being able to climb the stairs again, go out to see friends and travel to his favorite places.

Provox® Xtraflow™ HME helps keep Walter active.