Our history

Since our foundation in 1986, growth and innovation have always been at the core of Atos Medical. In close collaboration with health care professionals, leading institutions, and our end users, Atos has developed the laryngectomy field and standard of care we have today. With our design solutions and technologies, we are committed to giving a voice to people who breathe through a stoma.


Atos Medical was founded in the south of Sweden by the brothers Gert and Jan-Ove Persson.


Through R&D in cooperation with the Netherlands Cancer Institute, we launched the first Provox® voice prosthesis with the aim of improving voice rehabilitation after total laryngectomy.


Starting in the mid-1990s, we began our international expansion with subsidiaries in Europe and the United States.


Designed to prevent early leakage, Provox® ActiValve® was introduced as our most advanced voice prosthesis until then, incorporating magnets to prevent Inadvertent opening.


For improved humidification and pulmonary rehabilitation, we introduced Provox® XtraFlow™ and Provox® XtraMoist™ HMEs for use in various situations.


To meet growing demand, we expanded our R&D and manufacturing site in Hörby, which now houses injection molding, assembly, tooling, quality control, packaging, warehousing and over 150 of our employees.


To give more people the freedom to speak handsfree, we launched Provox® FreeHands FlexiVoice™, and with Provox® StabiliBase™ we introduced our most advanced adhesive, providing added stability when speaking hands-free.


We introduced Provox® Coming Home® to facilitate return from hospital for users, and to present them and their caregivers with sample products and relevant information in an intuitive, step-by-step manner for guidance and support.


We launched Provox® Luna®, a nighttime solution to help users have better nights and prepare for better days. We fully committed ourselves to our end-users through community events, home visits, service calls and direct delivery across all our markets.


We completed the acquisition of Heimomed further strengthening our leadership position in the German market.


We have over 30 years of experience in laryngectomy care, 22 offices and we are approaching 750 Atos employees worldwide.